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Accounts Centre is a complete accounting information portal, providing accounting, business and taxation related advice. Focussed exclusively on small to medium sized companies, Accounts Centre takes care of your accounts and tax return preparation and E-files them with the HMRC (formerly, the Inland Revenue), while you focus on getting the most out of your business.

Registered customers receive the quickest and most personal service simply either by phone or email. Accounts Centre utilizes a comprehensive CRM (customer relationship management) focused technology to keep its subscribers updated on all the relevant information they require. The following are the four focussed areas where Accounts Centre offers customers assistance:

Accountancy Services

These services are divided into the following:

Advisory: Accounts Centre offers free advisory and accounts review service to all customers. These services are complimentary and aim to ensure that all your accounts and returns are accurate at the time of E-filing.

Collection Services: Accounts Centre offers merchant processing services (Collection Services) to customers who wish to conduct online transactions, especially related to E-commerce. Collection Services may not only be used for accepting online credit / debit card payments, but can also be used for receiving payments made through other methods such as Bank Draft, Wire Transfer and Cheques.

E-filing: Accounts Centre offers E-filing of Payroll, VAT and Corporate Tax returns, of Annual Accounts and other related forms. These services, along with the free review services, assure that all your filings are accurate and on-time.

Preparations: Accounts Centre offers preparation of Annual Accounts and Corporate Tax Returns for its customers. These services assure that your accounts and returns are filed according to compliant standards, accurately and promptly.

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Accountancy Solutions

Accounts Centre offers complete accounting solutions for your day-to-day/specialized business requirements.

Infini Shops
InfiniShops is a comprehensive E-commerce solution, which offers an all-in-one (Website Graphics and Hosting, Merchant processing and Accounting) service. InfiniShops offers to:

  • completely build your website,
  • provide comprehensive back-end merchandising software (InfiniAccounts Pro-Web),
  • host your website,
  • set up an online payment solution and
  • provide pro-active online customer support through Athena.

    Payroll: Accounts Centre offers a free (for a period of 3 years!) payroll service, with InfiniPayroll software. This solution is designed to reduce all your payroll related worries.

    Remove all hassle from your day to day accounting and book keeping with the Accounts Centre Book-keeping solution. Useful and intuitive software, plus review system and E-filing capabilities help you stay on top of all your daily accounting requirements.

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    Accountancy Software

    Accounts Centre offers comprehensive accounting software for the needs of a small to medium sized concern. Enterprise Accounts Express software is available as a web-based Interface, which requires only an internet browser and connection to the internet for usage. Anyone with just basic accounting concepts can use this software easily.

    Enterprise Accounts Pro is a comprehensive accounting management software which records accounting transactions related to your business with ease. It also manages your inventory, assets, and VAT. Detailed reports are also maintained about every aspect of your business. The software is available in EU and international versions.

    For companies interested in setting up an E-commerce based venture or those currently involved in E-commerce, Accounts Centre offers Enterprise Accounts Pro, along with InfiniShops and Collection Service.  

    • Enterprise Accounts Pro is a web-based service that covers all accounting needs of an e-trading company.
    • Infinishops is a service that provides e-commerce ready websites to customers.
    • Collection Service is used to collect online payment from buyers through credit/debit card.

    All these services are designed to integrate with one another resulting in a complete e-commerce solution for our customers. 

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    Accountancy Products

    Accounts Centre offers the following accounting products to suit all business concerns.

    The Value Accountancy package offers a simple yet comprehensive answer to your accounting problems. This offer is unique in that it may be used singularly or you may choose to add other accounting products to it, according to your requirements. The modular (i.e. add-on) accounting products, which may be added to the Value Accountancy, are:

    • Payroll service
    • Outsourced Accounts Department
    • Collection Service (Merchant Processing Service)

    Accounts Centre also offers other stand-alone accountancy products that deal with accounting related to special business scenarios. These products do not require the purchase of basic accountancy and include:

    • Extreme Accounting
    • Dormant Company Accounts
    • InfiniShops

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    Infini Plan

    Plan Your Business For £100
    Extreme Accounting £500

    On a tight deadline? Prepare and file your accounts in
    14 workings days!

    Express Dormant Company Accounts £150

    Single-click E-filing to both, Companies House and Tax office

    Outsourced Accounts Department £300

    Handles daily bookkeeping; Files; tax returns; Deals with customer and supplier enquiries.

    Dormant Company Accounts £75

    Single-click E-filing to both, Companies House and Tax office

    Managed E-commerce Websites
    £50 per year

    Pro-active E-commerce web site management Complete web site creation and support services

    Merchants Accounts
    Merchant processing solutions for both on- and off-shore companies
    Accounts Pro
    Accounts Pro £250
    Enterprise Accounts Express
    Enterprise Accounts Express £100
    Managed Tax System
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