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Accounts Centre related :
  • How do I become a member of Accounts Centre?
  • How does Anytime, Anywhere Access work?
  • Can anyone become a member of Accounts Centre?
  • How do I subscribe?
  • Do I have a choice to subscribe to all or part of the Accounts Centre services?
  • I’m a member of Formations House/ Graphics4Less: do I need to register with Accounts Centre?
  • I have formed more than one company from Formations House: how do I view their information in Accounts Centre?
  • What kind of software or hardware do I need to use for Accounts Centre?
  • How long does it take to install the Accounts Centre software(s)?
  • Do I need to back up my data safe when I am using the Accounts Centre software(s)?
  • Will InfiniAccounts work on a dialup modem?
  • Can you ensure that no one else will access my data?
  • Is it safe to transmit my data over the Internet?
  • What is E-filing? And how long does the E-filing process take?
  • Will I be able to print out and/or save a copy of my Tax Return form?
  • Will I be reminded of the due (and over-due) date(s) of my Annual Accounts and CT600?
  • Do all companies have to submit audited accounts and records?
  • What are abbreviated accounts?
  • What is an SME?
  • I do not have my tax reference number: whom should I contact?
  • If I fail to file on time, how will that affect my company?
  • What is the Government Gateway?
  • Do I require a Gateway registration?
  • What is Gateway Activation PIN and how do I activate the PIN?
  • How can Accounts Centre help me with Gateway registration?
  • I have other queries: Whom do I contact?

Collection Services (merchant processing) related :
  • What are Collection services (merchant processing services)?
  • What are the advantages of using Collection Service?
  • Are there any related costs other than the set up costs for Collection Services?
  • Are there any limits to transaction per month?
  • How will I receive payments?

CT600 related :
Annual Returns related :
  • What are Annual Returns?
  • What is the made up date?
  • What information does Companies House require?
  • What kind of company accounts and records are required to be maintained?
  • When must the annual return be delivered to Companies House?
  • What is the difference between a Corporation Tax Return and Annual Returns?
  • What is a dormant company?
  • My company is dormant. Do I still have to send accounts and a return?

Annual Accounts related :
  • What is the period that the accounts should cover?
  • How is accounting reference date (ARD) set?
  • Can the accounting reference date (ARD) be changed?
  • How long do I have to deliver accounts?
  • What happens when the accounts are filed late?
  • Does Companies House notify when the accounts and returns are to be filed?

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Single-click E-filing to both, Companies House and Tax office

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